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Kim Lawless Brazillian Wax


Specialist in Female Intimate Waxing

Welcome to The Beauty Spot @beautyspotbath, a small home-based salon in Bath, offering specialist female intimate waxing in a discreet, welcoming and stress-free environment.

With several years’ experience in intimate waxing using the familiar ‘strip-wax’ technique, I have now completed my training with Kim Lawless, the ‘Wax Queen’ and can now offer a totally unique ‘hot wax’ service using Kim's own newly developed formula of wax which has been 18 months in the making and is exclusively available for her trained professionals.

The exceptional reputation of Kim’s training combined with her superior wax products ensure that the service I offer is of the highest quality and provides a gentler, more thorough wax than ever before.

Kim Lawless Brazillian Wax

Treatment Options

Removing hair by the root, regardless of how it is done, is never completely pain free, however, using a combination of excellent training and products, my aim is to give the gentlest intimate wax possible, with results that will ensure you return time and time and again.


Although the term ‘hot’ wax suggests it is hotter than the better known ‘strip wax’ that most people are familiar with, it is actually no hotter than ‘strip wax’.  The difference is in the application and removal, rather than the temperature.  A soothing oil is firstly applied to the skin before waxing to act as a barrier between skin and wax for a more comfortable experience.  The wax is then applied with a spatula where it begins to ‘shrink wrap’ itself around every single hair without sticking to the skin.  It is then pulled off in a quick movement, without the need for any strips to be applied.


Kim Lawless wax, used throughout each treatment, has been developed to reduce irritation and are anti-bacterial, helping to calm and protect the newly waxed skin.



All Off!!  The most thorough wax of all that removes every single hair from the back to the front, inside and out.  Includes bum crack (plus any noticeable hair on cheeks), inner & outer labia, pubic triangle and crease of leg.  Silky smooth



As above, leaving a 'landing strip' or small triangle

The 'G' String


As the name suggests, this wax will allow you to wear a 'thong' with no pubic hair showing outside.  Hair is tapered from the pubic mound, down over the labia and is totally removed beyond this point from bum crack and cheeks

The Egyptian

Bum crack and cheeks.  Super feminine and feels fantastic


The High Tide


Hair is removed from either side of pubic mound going in narrow towards the bottom.  The top of the pubic line is perfected and hair just onto the bum cheeks is removed.  High Leg knickers should be able to be worn with no visible hair showing outside

The Basic Instinct


The Ibiza


The quickest and gentlest wax in the crease of the leg only.  Bikini knickers can be worn with no visible hair showing

Bum crack only

The Dubai


Bum cheeks only


Frequently Asked Questions



  • Arrive clean.  Showering before your appointment will ensure your skin is clean and free from any product.  If this is not possible, wet-wipes will be available to freshen up

  • Make sure your hair is at least 1cm long (about the size of a grain of rice) - normally this would be at least 3-4 weeks from your last hair removal treatment

  • Gently exfoliate the skin a couple of times in the week prior to your appointment - this will remove any dead skin and encourage any short hairs to break through the surface

  • Wear comfortable clothes - cotton underwear is best

  • Expect to 'bear all' - to ensure the best results, you will be asked to remove all clothing from the waist down.  If you are not comfortable with this, maybe intimate waxing is not for you

  • Shave or use depilatory products for at least 3 weeks prior to your appointment

  • Worry!!  I have been intimate waxing for several years now and with this new technique hope to make every treatment more comfortable than you will have ever experienced before

Aftercare - for 24hrs after waxing

  • Keep the area clean and ensure you wash hands before touching

  • Wear clean, loose fitting clothing

  • Gently exfoliate a couple of days after waxing and moisturise with a small amount of baby oil

  • Take hot baths or showers, saunas, steam rooms etc

  • Use scented products, lotions, fake tan

  • Expose skin to UV treatment, eg. sunbeds, sunlight

  • Exercise

  • Swim in chlorinated pools

In-between Appointments

  • Ensure you exfoliate your skin every 4-7 days starting 2-3 days after treatment.  For best results try using a dry body brush and gently but firmly brush all over the areas you get waxed

  • Ensure you moisturise your skin every day which will keep the skin supple and help new hairs to break through

These 2 steps can help prevent ingrown hairs!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will the results last?


Everyone is different.  Importantly, waxing will definitely give slower, softer and sparser regrowth than shaving.  As the number of your treatments increase, the quickness of regrowth will decrease.  Initially, especially if you have been used to shaving, you may notice hairs appearing sooner than anticipated – after your 3rd or 4th regular waxing appointment you should notice you are smoother for longer and the hair will continue to become finer when regrowth occurs.


How Often should I be waxed?


I would recommend that you are waxed every 4 to 5 weeks initially.  As the growth becomes less the more treatments you have, you will eventually be able to leave longer gaps between appointments.  It is ultimately up to you.


Is it painful?


There is not, as far as I know, a ‘pain-free’ way to remove hair by the root.  However, using the Kim Lawless technique, any discomfort last seconds as it is an extremely quick removal process.  If you’ve never been waxed before or if it’s been months since your last wax, you will certainly benefit from giving yourself a little scissor trim before your visit – ideally to around 1cm.


Can I be waxed if on my period?

Yes you can.  However, you may be a little more sensitive at this time.


I’m pregnant, can I still be waxed?

Of course!  Using a few modified moves, it is still possible to achieve a smooth feel in the run up to the due date.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any other concerns or questions

T's & C's

Terms & Conditions


Treatments are strictly by appointmenty only.  Please contact me by telephone.  If I am unable to answer your call I may be with a client, please be sure to leave your name & telephone number and I will get back to you as soon as possible.


Payment is by cash only on the day but it may be possible to pre-pay by Paypal/Bank Transfer by prior arrangement.


Sometimes cancellations are unavoidable - if it is necessary to cancel, please be courteous and let me know as soon as possible.


Please be punctual for your appointment, however, should you arrive early, please call or text as I may be busy with a client and unable to answer the door.

Contact Me

21 Minster Way, Bath, BA2 6RH

Tel : 07984 094045


Parking is on street and unlimited but is in a 'Permit Holder' area - please let me know your vehicle registration number on arrival so that I can allocate a visitors permit to your vehicle.

Hours of Business




5.30pm to 8.30pm

5.30pm to 8.30pm

8.30am to 12.00pm

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